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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Prague is beautiful!

I love nothing more than seeing new places and travelling to other countries. Whenever I have the disposable income, I look to see where I can book next. Whilst being bogged down by exams, me and my boyfriend decided to book a trip to cheer ourselves up. We decided on going to Prague and Berlin. As much I loved both cities, Prague was my favourite as it was so picturesque and held some really historical buildings from the 1300's as it escaped damage from World War 2, much unlike many other European cities.

I believe the Old Town of Prague is the greatest attraction due to its historical buildings, especially the astronomical clock. I recommend going to the top of the clock as we had panoramic views of the city.

As well as seeing all the wonderful sites, we also ate a lot of nice food! That is one of my favourite things to do when travelling. Unfortunately, Czech food is all about the beef and I don't eat that so I couldn't really try out local cuisine. We ended up going to a really nice veggie restaurant called 'Etnosvet' which is actually #4 out of 4449 restaurants in the whole of Prague according to Tripadvisor! We also went to Duplex (fancyyyy) which is a club too however it was not open the night we were there or on the nights we had left. We also went to 'Oliva Nero' which was a gorgeous Italian restaurant.

Have you ever been to Prague? If so, how did you find it?
Thanks for reading! xxxx

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  1. I've never been to Prague but I have heard amazing things and it looks so beautiful from your photos! So glad you loved it :)


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